Strumenti Nautici Tourbillon Watch Concept Drawings - Strumenti Nautici Watches
Limited edition Strumenti Nautici watches with automatic tourbillon movements.
Strumenti Nautici Watch, Tourbillon, Limited Edition
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Strumenti Nautici Tourbillon Watch Concept Drawings

Check out our process and designs

Strumenti Nautici Tourbillon Watch Concept Drawings


From these initial drawings to working prototypes, the process took over 24 months to create the Strumenti Nautici watch with an automatic tourbillon movement.  The Strumenti Nautici Tourbillon watch was only made possible with the collaboration of dozens of talented craftsmen from around the world – draftsmen, engineers, case makers, polishers, dial makers, crystal makers, watchmakers, strap makers, and leather artisans, etc.  The limited edition Strumenti Nautici watch features an automatic tourbillon, big date, AM / PM indicator, and 24 hour indicator.



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